ModularGrid // RANDOM

I'm a big fan of chaos and randomness. Most of the MTG decks I build start by just hitting "Random" on Scryfall until I find something that gets me thinking in an interesting direction.

So imagine my frustration when I couldn't do something similar over on ModularGrid! So many overwhelming options and while it is very nice to use their search & filter system, sometimes I just want to hit a big button that just spits out something at random for me.

Introducing a really silly chrome extension!

ModularGrid Random
Adds random button to Eurorack browsing in ModularGrid

I tried to keep it very simple & readable without adding any dependencies (I couldn't believe how many chrome extension tutorials I found that had no problem just dumping all of jQuery into such a small utility 💅).

chrome extension to add a random button to - CMorooney/ModularGridRand

It probably reads like a swift or c# dev tried to write's just as bad as I remember 😅. But it works, so go roll the dice!