Corne/crkbd Comproller Case

Still rocking that crkbd layout/keyboard for all my work, I don't think I'll find something better for me until I get into designing and milling my own layouts.

I still like to have a new keyboard when I start a new job, though, which is why I have so many of these crkbd boards lying around. This week I started working a new gig and as ritual demands, I decided to try out a build with a new case.

I ended up deciding on the Comptroller from LittleKeyboards. Walnut! so pretty. I did upgrade for the brushed brass plate tho, getting kinda greedy.

Anyway fuck text, we're here for pretty keyboard assembly pics and photoshoots.

test fitting the plate with switches (Kailh brown lp v1)
I ended up putting little bits of rubber band in between the plate and the pcb to both deaden sound and put the lightest space & pressure between the plate and pcb so the switches would be persuaded to stay seated in the plate
oh wait before I forget take a look at the walnut bottom!
finished one side! tried a few different keycap options, almost went with clear! but the black is classic
two sides done on the workspace!
at the battlestation