Building the Rotating Clock Divider

If for some reason you saw my post announcing my eurorack releases under the name Outlandish Attractor (or maybe you came across it some other way) you might know I've been starting to really build out my synth and shaping what I want to do with it.

Without attempting to discuss any of that in depth I will say that I decided after that release that it was time to add to the system to help evolve the work I was doing and to keep fresh ideas coming. What I wanted to focus on was adding "events" (er, triggers? gates?) to the system.

This took me to the 4ms Rotating Clock Divider eventually. I really thought a clock divider/multiplier was what I needed to add more diverse temporal events to my system and like a lot of people the Rotating part was very intriguing. That is, depending on how much voltage you send to the Rotation CV, the divisions will shift by output – wild!

But again, I decided to kit it out and build this guy instead of just ordering it at full price. I have to say, I found this project a bit more difficult than the supposedly "tightest through hole kit" VniCursal that I built last fall but maybe I was just tired or something...

But whatever, it was still mostly just put on anime, solder carefully. I really only took one build pic

Getting everything ready to go

The more creative bits came when I realized I definitely wanted to build the expansion to the module, as it is just an array of switches that connect jumpers on the PCB I already had. Just had to find something to make a face plate out of and I came across this thin strip of aluminum at a local big box hardware store.

there's a very small, weird cat in this picture if you can find it

I crudely cut it down to size and drilled careless holes for switches, then made my mom paint it for me :)


Now we're ready put everything in its new home and start making more music